Ooooh...Now I'm Angry

I have to rant a little. You see, the thing is that I have an account at Zazzle.com. I design products and leave them up in my "store" for others to buy. I'll admit that most of my stuff is terrible. I designed alot of it more than 3 years ago.

About one year ago, I designed a Twilight-themed shirt. This shirt was really cool. It was red. On the front it said:
Giorno della st Marcus
 12 marzo 2005
 (I cant' remember what the actual date was, but I remember did a lot of research to find the right date to put on there.)

 What does it mean? It means: St. Marcus' Day, March 12, 2005.  This happens to be a fictional celebration that happened in the second book, in which people in Italy gather, wear red, and celebrate St. Marcus. It also happens to be the time that Edward tries to get himself killed.

Anyhow, I have sold quite a bit of these t-shirts. I happen to they are pretty cool. Well, apparently Summit Entertainment did not, because I got an e-mail from Zazzle, saying that they had been contacted by Summit Entartainment, and that my product was in violation of their rights.

My St. Marcus Day shirt has been removed.

Someone please explain this to me, because I do not understand how this shirt could have violated any rights. Yes, I understand that Stephenie Meyer made up the fictional celebration, but I don't see anyone else getting their "Breakfast time for the human" shirts removed.

Anyone have an answer?

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  1. Well, that is bull. Why did they have to do that? I understand how you feel, except without the having someone contact me to tell me I was in the wrong. You kind of have to make something to get noticed. :D But still! They should not have done that.


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