A Day at the Zoo


Utah's Hogle Zoo. A place of fun for adults and children, alike. Also, where they keep the train.

Saturday was a very special day for us. It was Monkey's second birthday! To celebrate, we took a trip to the zoo. He was so excited all morning, because most of his favorite people were coming along. He LOVES spending time with all of his family!

We walked around the zoo, and looked at the animals for hours. It wasn't Monkey's first time there, but he enjoyed it as if it were. We had such a great time. The elephants got a special treat (pumpkins), and we got to watch them as they lifted the pumpkins and smashed them--whole--in their mouths.

When we got to giraffes, which are one of Monkey's favorite animals, he was very excited. He's never gone into the giraffe house before, because they've always been outside. This time we decided to go in and check them out. Here's what happened two seconds after walked in:

Monkey: Oh! Yucky! Yucky!
Me: What's wrong?
Monkey: Yucky! Yucky! Yu- (proceeds to dry-heave a couple times)
Me: Oh, the smell? Let's get outta here! (pats Monkey's cheeks to prevent actual vomit) Stop!

Monkey: (pointing at giraffe building) Ew, Yucky!

LOL. We won't be going in there again. Other than that, the day went well. The zoo has a little train they use to give tours of different animals. If you didn't already know, trains are Monkey's favorite thing in the entire world. This is a sore-point for me, because his favorite movie--Thomas the Train--happens to be my least favorite. Anyways, we all got tickets and went for a ride. He was so excited that he was riding a train, that he didn't care about anything else, except the really cool tunnel we went through that was just like the one in Thomas the Train. He's still asking to got ride it again.

After the zoo, we went to my sister and brother-in-law's house nearby to have pizza, cake and ice cream. Monkey had been asking for cake all day, so he was really happy when we did.

The day was wonderful!

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  1. What a fun day. He is such a cutie. I feel the same way about the animal houses, Ewww. But the Zoo is so much fun. Happy Birthday to Mason.


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