Because I Had To

 I was trying not to do it.

I was trying to stay away from this topic until at least this Thursday.

I wanted to show myself that I could rein in my excitement.

But after visiting my cousin Jenna's blog, and seeing what I'm about to show you, I couldn't wait!

I swear you don't want to read on...just...

Okay. I Lied. You want to read on.

If you are any type of Twilight fan, you want to read on!


Because of THIS:


This, my lovely readers, would be a picture from a Vanity Fair web exclusive. It features Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, who will be playing Bella Swan and Edward Cullen in the upcoming Twilight movie.

I know what you're thinking...I'm thinking it too: "Who knew Robert could look like that?"  (Come on...that's exactly what you were thinking..) Don't get me wrong. I love Twilight, and am very excited to see the movie. I'm just glad to know that Robert isn't completely hopeless as Edward. If he looks like that in the movie, I'll die. I swear I will. I just hope I can stand to wait the two days until the movie comes out!

Here's another of my fav. pics from the outtakes:

And, since you've made it this far and haven't given up on my hopeless Twilight talk, here's something you also might like to watch:

3 scenes from the movie, including a scene in the cafeteria!

How? Like this:
Open iTunes (not iTunes.com - the actuall application).
Go to the iTunes Store
Scroll down to the bottom, where you'll see a box in the middle column that says: "FREE on iTunes"
Scroll through the free items until you see the Twilight Exclusive!
Click & enjoy! :)

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  1. Wouldnt it be nice if we could all take great pictures like this with our man!! :) I try to think of brad and I taking this and I just giggle! LOL


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