Thank You!

 I want to send a huge "thank you" to Danette, over at Everyday Adventures, for sending this 'Kreativ Blogger' award my way! This is such a sweet award!
Here's the rules:
  • Mention the blog that gave it to you, and comment on their blog to let them know you've posted your award.
  • Publish these rules
  • Share 6 values that are important to you
  • Share 6 things you do not support
  • Give the award to 6 people

6 7 Values that are important to me (in no particular order):
Individual Worth
Good Works
Divine Nature
Choice and Accountability (can't have the others without this one!)

Sound familiar? These are the 'Young Women Values' we are taught to live by, as teenagers in my church and they have stuck with me since then. Though, it wasn't until the past couple of years that I learned first-hand how important these values truly are to me.

 6 Things I do not support:
Bad Manners
The Lack of Manners
"Scrooge-ness" :) (can you tell Christmas is on my mind?)

I am now awarding this to these Kreativ Bloggers:
My Aunt Michelle
My Cousin Jenna
My Sisters
Debbie from I Need a Martini Mom
Cocoa from Chocolate on my Cranium

Enjoy! :)

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  1. I love this meme. I haven't seen it! It is going to be fun. I'll get on that this weekend. You're the best.

  2. It was the same with me. Now being back in YW's I find myself still learning and finding more value of the 7 now more then ever.


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