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 Jennifer, over at My Chaotic Peace has offered her readers the choice to participate in a game of blog tag. Since it is about books (and you know how much I love books), i've decided to do it!

So, the gist of it is that I am to tell you about the book I am currently reading.

Get the book that's on your nightstand (or whatever you happen to be reading).
Open it to page 56 and find the 5th sentence.
Post the next couple of sentences on your blog, along with these instructions.
Do not go and find your favorite book; it has to be the one you are reading now!
Tag five other people to do the same.

Now, on to the good stuff...
I'm currently reading Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte. I've been reading it for a month now. Actually, I've been reading a chapter of W.H., starting and finishing an entirely different book, then reading another chapter of W.H., and so on... It's not a bad book, I just keep finding other things to read, but I don't want to give this one up!

So...what's on page 56, sentence 5?

'Damn the doctor!'

(great starter, eh?)

...he interrupted, reddening. 'Frances is quite right: she'll be perfectly well by this time next week. Are you going up-stairs? will you tell her that I'll come, if she'll promise not to talk. I left her because she would not hold her tongue; and she must--tell her Mr. Kenneth says she must be quiet.' 

The book has been good so far. Sometimes the characters do things that are completely heinous and unexpected. I keep finding similarities between Cathy of this book, and Scarlett, from Gone With the Wind. All in all, I am liking it and cannot wait to finish it! :) 

And now, I tag:
  • Michelle, from I'm The Mommy, That's Why
  • Latu, from Life With La
  • My mom, from Juji's Place
  • Talia
  • Anyone who feels up to it! :)
 (I didn't link anyone because these are their personal/family blogs, and I didn't ask permission to link)

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  1. Sounds great. I'm adding it to my big list of must reads. When I'll get through it, who knows. :P


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