Better Late, Than Never!

 Oooh, I am so angry with myself! I completely spaced posting about the favorite things swap I participated in! I was so excited about everything I received, too! I figure it's better to be late, than not post about it, so here I go:

I participated last month in a Favorite Things Swap, hosted by Wendi. The deal was that we were supposed to
send our assigned partners at least three of our favorite things. It sounded so cool and fun that I just had to join.

I was so excited when my package from my swap partner, Amy, arrived. I came home one day to find a large box sitting next the living room couch, and had it opened within seconds. Here's what was inside:

Milano Cookies: Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE chocolate, especially in the form of Milano cookies?! Well, I love them so much, that they were gone (with the help of my brother) before I could take the picture! I puffed the bag back up, and snapped a quick pic. Mmmmm....
 Softlips Chapstick: I have a chapstick fetish. I must have a stick of chapstick with me at all times; especially in the winter! I love softlips, but had never tried the cherry kind before this. I'm glad I did, 'cuz it is good!
Trident Splash: Never tried this before, but I am HOOKED! I've never been one to try different flavored gums...that said, I love this! As you can guess, it was gone within a week, and I am now on my third pack of this gum! Thanks, Amy! :)
Recipes: This was so unique and thoughtful! I never even thought of recipes, but it is such a great idea! Amy sent me four recipes, including: Creme brule french toast, and Philadelphia cream cheese pie. Don't they sound delish?! I haven't made on yet, but I assure you, I have plans for them! :)
Bath & Body Works hand soap: ANTI-BACTERIAL SOAP...a must-have for me. I LOVE it already! And the scent she chose: Sensual Amber, is gorgeous. It's like perfume in a hand soap. I'm hooked in it already!
GREEN Scrapbook: Did you see that? Green. She got me a scrapbook in my favorite color. I love her! She says that one of her favorite things to do is to scrapbook. Which happens to be one of MY favorite things! Yes!

Thank you SO much, Amy! I love everything I recieved!
To see what I sent Amy, look here.
I am so glad I got to particiapte in this swap. I also want to thank the wonderful Wendi for hosting it, and doing all the hard work that came with it.

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  1. That was a DAMN wonderful idea! I need to keep that in mind.. I love all the stuff you got! Made me think of a care package I can send to Bitchy!!

  2. Glad you enjoyed everything! It was a lot of fun. Thanks for being my partner!


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