Why I Love Saturday Mornings:

...because I can go yard sale-ing and get all of these:

for $10.00!

And just in case anyone was wondering where I got my passion for reading, I took a picture of my mother's finds this morning:

All of these for $20.00! 

She happened to go to the yard sale of an English teacher (btw-my mom is an English teacher, so this does not surprise me), and found just about every classic novel known to man, and then some. When she showed me this, my excitement for the great prices on books I had just bought was squashed. And now I'm jealous.

But, I did manage to talk her into giving me some books, so I am now the proud owner of the second box of books from the left. [Insert huge smile here]

Have a lovely weekend everyone! I won't have a post tomorrow (Sunday), so come back on Monday!
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  1. I am so jealous!! I love yard sales. Next time- call me, I'll join you!!

  2. Sigh. Books, books and more books. I used to have a very nice collection. I had to sell it during one of my many moves.
    I will build it up again once my life gets in order.
    Which book/author is your all time favorite?


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