Passion # 19: Letterboxing

 Letterboxing has easily become one of my favorite things to do this year. I happened upon a conversation about it in a forum I belong to, and was curious what this mysterious letterbox thing was. I looked it up, and it just happened to be my kind of activity. Still wondering what letterboxing is? Here's the gist of it:

Letterboxing is kind of like a world wide treasure hunt. There's an entire history about how it got started, but I won't go into details. The idea is that there are tons (literally, tons! I was surprised at how many letterboxes there are in the world) of letterboxes hidden all across the world. They are usually outside, though there are a few which are hidden with permission in museums and other places. Each box has its own set of clues which are used by people to locate it.

Letterboxes will usually have some sort of logbook and a handmade stamp. Ideally, you would bring along your own logbook and a stamp that would represent you or your group. When you find a letterbox, you stamp your own logbook with the stamp inside the box, and then stamp the box's logbook with your stamp to let others know you have found it! Sounds fun, huh?!

This is such a great activity for families. Most people hide their letterboxes in parks or hiking trails so that a nature hike or a day at the park can also be used to letterbox (btw, anyone can hide a letterbox!). Monkey and I have found a couple letterboxes so far, and I plan on finding the rest next summer when he's older and can better understand what we're doing.

Anyhow, I enjoy letterboxing. The second any vacation has been planned, I immediately look online to see if there are any letterboxes near our destination. :)

Two Letterboxing sites I belong to:

I'm sure there are probably more, but these have worked well for me!

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  1. This is neat! I had never heard of letterboxing. I will have to check it out. Of course we are out in the country--I'd probably have to travel to find one:)

  2. That's cool! I've never heard of this before. Thanks for sharing this info.


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