Notes From the Dinosaur Museum and Update on Dirty Shirt!

 My sweet boy. He's growing up so fast! We went to the dinosaur museum on Wednesday, with my sister and her children. I was once again reminded of how fast my little one is growing and learning. I won't be able to call him little for much longer!

He had the greatest time at the erosion table!

He caught sight of one of his favorite things: a waterfall. 
(Didn't get a picture of the actual waterfall; I have no idea why not.)

A cool excavation area? Who cares, when you have brushes to play with?!

Of course, I couldn't help but take other pictures:


Since you were wondering (you were, weren't you?), Monkey's shirt has been revived. The soap did wonders, and what would have ended up as a rag for dusting, now remains a clean and presentable shirt. 

In order to show you what I was up against, I "remade" the would-be stains with Photoshop.


Alright, now I promise to give you a break before I ever talk about soap again.

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  1. That looks like alot of fun!
    Thanks for the kind words. Life is different and definatly intersting.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Looks like he had a great time, I love all the pictures! We visited a children's museum a few months ago that had a dinosaur dig but Bitty wasn't interested - didn't like the feel of the sand when it stuck to his hands. He loved the water tables though :).

    Glad the soap worked, I hate having cute clothes stained!


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