Mondays in Motion!

Mondays in Motion!

Danette, from Everyday Adventures came up with this great idea to share videos on Mondays. Here's my first video! I took it at the park last week. Beware, I was extremely close to the camera and sound pretty loud; you may want to turn it down a bit.

This was a momentous event for Monkey and I.

This is his first time ever climbing that (what is it called?) by himself.

Okay, so it was really his second time; I was scared out of my mind the first time around and didn't get a video.

Let's pretend it was the first.

This video is bittersweet for me. Monkey is approaching the end of his second year and will soon turn 2 years old. He can do most things on his own, which is a bit shocking for me. I am used to being the door-opener, the playground stabilizer, the spoon-feeder, the dresser, the owie-kisser, the play-directer, and so on... Since he is -for the most part- able to do a lot on his own, I can now only claim to be the chauffeur, and the occasional cook. I suppose I can still be called the diaper-changer, but I wouldn't miss having that title.

I am proud of everything he has learned and is able to do. I am blessed that he can do these things on his own; it takes some stress off of me. But I can't help feeling sad that I'm not needed anymore at every second of the day.

Anyhow, sad feelings aside, I truly can't help but be excited that he has mastered this climbing ladder (?). He's been eying it for a while now and has tried to climb it a couple times, only to call for me to help him down. When we went to the park on the day I took this video, he walked right up to it and started climbing. He was very determined, and did it right off! Way to go Monkey!

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  1. Wow, look at him go! Great job Monkey :). I know, isn't it so exciting and yet kind of sad when they get more independent?

    Thanks for participating in Mondays in Motion! I have the Mr. Linky up if you want to leave your link :).

  2. one small step for Monkey, and was large leap for mom. Good job!!!!

  3. The firsts are always special, scary and amazing. They learn and achieve so much in the first 4 years it's inspiring. Continue to enjoy every minute of it.


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