Just For Fun: The Dancer Test

While surfing blogs, I happened across this awesome optical illusion over at Goddess Gift. It has to do with the left and right sides of your brain, and how you use them.

Watch the video below, and take note of what direction the the girl is turning.

It is said that if you saw the dancer turning clockwise, then you use your right brain most often; if you saw the dancer turning counter-clockwise, then you use your left brain most often. But, if you saw the dancer spin one way, and then change directions, don't worry! This means that you use both sides of your brain equally.

I tried this test, and saw the dancer turn in different directions. I thought it was just rigged, so I started it over a couple times, only to find out that the dancer spun in different directions at the beginning and throughout the video, each time! I guess it's no secret that I am a very random person! :)

Now, want to mess with the results a little bit? There was a study done on YouTube, which says that what you think of while you watch the video can change the direction the dancer spins. Let's try it!

Watch the video again. Think of numbers and math equations (I did simple addition) in your head and watch to see if the dancer will spin counter-clockwise. Then think of something creative (I thought of art and painting) and watch to see if the dancer will spin clockwise.

It worked for me! What were your results?

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  1. Yeah, that works! It's so weird! Also, I'm glad you're reading Tale of Two Cities. It is one of the top 3 books I have read in my lifetime. Enjoy!

  2. Wow, that is strange. I saw her going clockwise at first, but then she switched to counterclockwise.

    I couldn't get it to change while I was looking, but every time I glanced away (so I was just looking at the feet but not the whole dancer) she changed direction.

    That was cool, thanks for sharing!

  3. Is this some sort of trick?? It's crazy!! Hannah from http://hannahnoelh.blogspot.com and I were looking at it together and would see the same thing, then different things....it was crazy!! Good post.

  4. I only saw clockwise no matter what kind of math I did in my head.

    What's wrong with me?????


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