I am Truly Honored!

The Original Perfect Post Awards 08.08

I am so excited to share this news! Danette, from Everyday Adventures, has been kind enough to award me with a Perfect Post Award for my post titled: A Rainbow-Shaped Patch of Dry Grass. She talks about her reasons for nominating me in this post

This is truly an honor for me. For one thing, the post which was awarded happens to be my favorite (yes!). For another thing, Danette's blog is one that I read daily. She writes great posts about her sons and family life, which are inspiring and fun to read. So of course when I got her email about the award, I was uber excited!

Thank you, Danette!

Check out the hosts of the Perfect Post Awards:
Kimberly at Petroville
Lindsay at Suburban Turmoil

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  1. Visting from SITS.

    Lovely blog and we are at $3.79 a gallon here. Cheeper than milk but still highway robbery!

  2. congrats. couldn't have happened to a more beautiful blog and blogger.

    ;-) A toast to you...

  3. How cool that is was one of your favorite posts too! :)

    btw, that's very sweet of you, glad you enjoy reading, I love reading your blog too!


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