Blog Trip Day 4: Souvenirs

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who has visited my blog. I appreciate all of your visits and comments.
Before I go into my post today, I just need to say that I have had a huge influx of comments thanks to this awesome blog trip I am taking. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE comments, I just never expected so many. I promise I will respond to each and every comment, this is just a very busy week for me (illnesses, new car, computer problems, previous engagements, ran out of food, and anything that could possibly go wrong has). If I haven't responded to your comment by Saturday, I've probably died from overexposure to the natural outdoor air. :)
And now...

Shopping. Now this is my area of expertise. I love shopping and have done could do it all day! I'll start of by saying that my favorite places to shop are Costco, Walmart, and Target. I love that anything and everything I could ever want can usually be found at either of these places. But besides superstores, we have so many different malls and shopping centers in Utah, you wouldn't believe it. I have no idea how common this is for other states. I swear you could pick a starting point, drive three miles in any direction, and find either a mall or a shopping center. Now all we need are more organic markets!

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  1. ooooooh- i LOVE that song. I might just leave your blog up all night!!!


  2. I t pretty much of my afternoon at Target yesterday ... never walk arounf without a basket is my motto!


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