Blog Trip Day 2: The Gas Station

Well, I've stopped for gas on my Blog Trip. If you are looking for gas by my home, you'll pay:

3.82 at Costco
3.87 everywhere else

I remember that when I was in high school, my parents would hand me a ten dollar bill for gas and it would fill half the tank. I even remember being astounded when gas went over two dollars. I guess times change, huh?

I had planned to take a picture of a gas sign, but it was rainy and the picture wouldn't have turned out well. Instead, I found this funny picture in the internet:

That pretty much sums up how I feel about gas prices!

Have a great week, and come back tomorrow; I'm giving away a Rachael Ray cookbook!

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  1. gas- 3.57 in PA. COme on over and get some. That's just one arm and one leg.

  2. OH my stars, that's some funny stuff!!

  3. OMG - I remember my parents giving me $10 and for $.75 per gallon, I still had enough to go to Pizza Hut with my friends. That was a LONG LONG time ago. Congrats on being a SITS Saucy blog!

  4. very funny...I didn't know they took kids for gas...I'm gonna have to look into that!

  5. hey, stopping here.
    Now I realize that gas in my place is the cheapest.

  6. I am dreading the idea of having to buy a car. I'm going to postpone it as long as I can. Fuel prices and global warning are no laughing matter.

  7. Yes gas prices are crazy!
    We are about to see $6 here tomorrow. Thanks for all your sweet comments on my scrapbooking mommy blog. I love making them.
    Your layout is nice too.


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