Super Saturday!

Super Saturday is crafts day!

I apologize, but I haven't had much time to make anything this week, so this SS post will be updates/notices and I'll have a craft next Saturday to showcase for sure! If you have a craft you that you want to display, e-mail me the pictures and a link to your site (if you wish), and I'll post them next Saturday! 
lifessweetpassions {at} gmail {dot} com

--->The first matter or business: I am working on cleaning up my blog so it doesn't look so cluttered. I'll be moving things around for the next couple of days, so please bear with me.

--->I won't have a post tomorrow, as it is Sunday; Just letting everyone know.

--->Don't forget to enter my first giveaway! I'm giving away TWO books! Check out the Giveaway post.

Speaking of the giveaway: I totally messed up on th title. I had originally planned to let the winner choose between the two books, and then decided otherwise. By the time I realized I hadn't changed the title, I had already posted links to it in contest blogs.

Thank you for all your wonderful comments! I appreciate them all and enjoy reading them. 
Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Hey - thanks for visiting my site and leaving the blog tips. I appreciate it!!!


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