Super Saturday - Homemade Baby Shoes

 Super Saturday = craft day!


This week I made this cute pair of shoes for my niece. This being the first thing I've sewn in quite a while, I'm pretty excited about it. I don't claim to be the greatest seamstress, but I can follow a pattern easy enough, and these were so easy and fun to make.
 I altered the pattern a bit to fit an older baby, but I got the original pattern from Stardust Shoes.
I haven't put the elastic in the shoes yet, but I will soon, and they'll be completely finished!
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Have a wonderful weekend! 

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  1. They are gorgeous, clever you! I have about 6 unfinished quilts on the go, need to get going with them.

  2. Very cute! I'm sure they'll be adorable on her!

  3. Wow they remind me of those cute baby booties when my daughter was a baby. They're so cute!Can I link my jewelry creation here? :) Anyway,I have two awards for you. Please come get it :)

  4. Very cute!!

    P.S. You've been "tagged" - See my blog for details! :)

  5. Great job!! Love these homemade baby shoes...

  6. Very cute! I am motivated to make these for my baby girl. I just was a pair like these at target for $10, but I would rather make them!

    Thanks and I am glad I found your blog.


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