Monkey's Haircut

 Monkey has finally gotten his hair cut! I'm a bit sad, because I LOVE his hair. I was planning on growing it out, but then I decided that it was time to cut it. This was the first time I've cut his hair that he didn't cry. In fact, he loved it. He even did part of it himself!



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  1. He's very cute. Love the shades.

  2. great doo...and great glasses too! i think he should totally do the faux hawk though! then, you could be sooooo angelina jolie like. and, that will make you cool. ok, not really. but, i think the faux hawk is tooo cute!!

  3. OMG. He's the cutest thing ever. Can I eat him up? can I???

  4. I think he is adorable, great new look for him, come see my long haired teen....he is scheduled for a trip to the barber this weekend too. Happy WW, mine is at The Cafe.

  5. Awww, good job!!!
    He is a cutie!

  6. Yikes! why did you cut it?! :) He looks cute with that haircut though. I guess you did a good job this time! :)


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