Memories From the Past: Poem

It has been one of those days. I’m not talking about the everything-that-can-go-wrong-will type of day. I’m talking about the everything-that-can-go-wrong-HASN’T type of day; therefore I really have nothing to complain about. But I wish I did! It is a few minutes before noon now, and I have accomplished nothing. I am still in the clothes I slept in. Neither my son, nor I have had showers yet, and I still haven’t come up with anything useful to blog about. I only have a couple minutes before the rest of my day (which is chalk full of stuff) begins. I have resorted to desperate measures.

Yesterday, while cleaning up my bookmarks (because they are terribly unkempt), I happened across a website where I posted some poems I wrote back in high school. I totally forgot about them! They are mostly about heartache and love, because I am only creative enough for poems when I experience deep emotions.
The poem I am posting is called: Never Say… I wrote it during a very hard low-point in my life. It is a good look into my past, and some of the choices I made. It needs a little fine-tuning, but it’ll do for today. Here goes!

Never say…

Never say ‘I love you’
If you will hurt me in the end
If you say you love me
Mean it, don’t pretend

I never want to hear those words
Coming from the mouth
Of any man who comes my way;
Just stop! Go spit them out!

Your perfect words made the perfect plan
They meant so little to you
Well, your perfect decoy lured me in
You knew I’d always be true

I know you see things differently
But my heart was on the line
How foolish could I be?
Thinking you’d always be mine

You never felt it in your heart
Now I see it all
On center stage; I got the part!
Playing your dirty moll

I love you

Those words; those beautiful lasting words…
Forever will stain my poor, used lips;
Your distorted echo; now a useless phrase

-Penelope Lolohea

© Copyright 2007 Strawbaeri (UN: strawbaeri at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.

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