Great Find: Eco-Friendly Sun and Moon Jars!

These are so cool! I just found these today and just had to share them.
Sun Jar by designer Tobias Wong

This is ingenious! It won the Gift of the Year award in 2007. Leave it on your windowsill or outside (because its also waterproof!) to soak up the sun through it's solar panel. At nighttime it becomes the perfect night light! It's yellow light is softened by sandblasted glass, which gives it a warm glow.

An alternative to the yellow color of the Sun Jar is the Moon Jar:

I'll be buying this one, as it's soft blue glow better appeals to my tastes. Both lamps are solar powered and very energy efficient. I am so excited to have found these!

Like the jars, too? You can purchase them at the following places:
Perpetual Kid
Suck UK - I have no idea why the website has this name...

I also found this blog, which has directions for making your own Sun Jar. The instructions are a little too smart for me technical, but if you like making things yourself, then check it out!


  1. interesting...i love the look and i have to admit, i have never seen one before. we are in indiana! thx for stopping by my blog. i like ur posts...fun, random and useful!

  2. I am totally in love with your blog page. You had me at "hello"

  3. wow that is interesting. I love the glow of candles at night. Let me see if I can find one at Target! :)

  4. That jar is too cool. I may have to invest in one for my son's room.


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