The Fruits of My Labor

I have a small vegetable garden that I planted this summer. I wasn't sure if it would grow anything, because I didn't plant it until late June. But the tomatoes are growing! This is the fourth time I have gone through and picked the ripe tomatoes, and they just keep coming!

*confession* I've never grown anything before...I thought I might kill them!

Back to the story...

Monkey has the greatest time picking tomatoes. He loves it when I tell him it's time to pick 'em!

I'm still waiting for the squash and zucchini to form themselves, but I'm not too worried because I hear they're supposed to take longer growing.

 (Excuse the blurry photo)
Why did I pick cherry tomatoes, you ask? Funny story: I didn't.

While shopping at Costco one day in June, I happened upon some tomato plants. It was then and there that I decided to plant a vegetable garden. Me being an amateur gardener and all (a tomato is a tomato, right?), picked up the first four plants that I saw and headed home to carry out my really cool idea.

Fast forward to August.

The tomatoes grow into this:
Me, still the amateur gardener, sees the tomatoes growing and smiles. I'm still thinking about how big and juicy these things will be. When they finally turn red, they are this exact same size. This is when I ask my mother if tomatoes still grow after they turn red. She laughs and says: "Nope. I guess you bought cherry tomatoes."
I just hope that the squash and zucchini don't end up being pumpkins, or something else I didn't plan for!

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  1. Not only do I love Seven Brides, AND the Lord of the Rings Trilogy- I TOO am growing tomatoes!! Remember - cherry tomatoes will come back. (believe it or not...) We are so the same person.

  2. funny...and at least you have tomatoes!! you can smoosh them up and make soup tomatoes for the fall...you are gong to have a lot of tomatoes!!!

    happy long weekend!

  3. Congrats on a successful garden! I love growing vegetables. I havn't done so in a long time.
    Good luck with your squash.


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