First Post! 'About Me'

Hello everyone! I am very excited to start this new blog. I have such exciting things planned for it! But no blog is complete without information about the blogger, so I have decided that for my first post, I will let my readers know who I am.
My name is Penelope and this is a little about me!

I am a single mother to a wonderful little boy; the first of my life's sweet passions. I enjoy many things, but have very little time for them. I try (key-word) to squeeze everything in during my son's naps and bedtime.

I love to learn new things, and will almost always try something at least once. I can play the piano, cross stitch, crochet, cook, sew, and do almost anything with one hand while holding a baby. But don’t worry; I rarely do any of these things well. I just like the fact that I can say that I can do them! ;)

My biggest passions are reading and music. I love New Age and Classical music, but will listen to, and enjoy anything. For me, music is emotions and therefore speaks to my soul. Reading is a passion that could easily consume my entire life. My favorite Genre is fiction, but I will also venture into non-fiction about once a year. When I read a good book, I visualize a movie playing out before me. This is when I am taken on a vacation away from everyday life, and all while I am still sitting at home. I love it!

My life is an eclectic mix of many things. I have many interests that intrigue me, and I hope to share them with you! These are my life's sweet passions!

{Picture added May 2009}

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