Ewww...I Just Had to Post It

So I come into my bedroom this afternoon and sit on my bed. I lie down (I am so exhausted!) and out of the corner of my eye, I see something move. I turn to look at my window ( which is conveniently right next to my head), and on my curtain, sitting as happily as can be is a humongous PRAYING MANTIS!


Who gets a bug like THAT in their house, and how did it get in? No, scratch that last question; how in the world did it travel through my house and end up in my room? All I can think of now is how many more there could be, and what else could get in.

I have a terrifying huge fear of bugs, insects, and the like, so I wasn't thinking enough to get a picture of it before I released it into the wild. But here's a picture of one that looks pretty darn close to it:

(I swear it was this big!)


  1. Yikes that is just scary! ewwww indeed!!!- Welcome to the blogging world btw. Hope you find your "voice" and passion in this land :)

  2. I share your fear of 'creepy crawlies'! My poor boyfriend knows from the tone of my voice when I've discovered an uninvited guest in the house!


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