Are you Jotting this?

There have been so many times this year that I have needed to remember something like an address, web page, date etc.., only to forget it seconds later. This has always been a problem for me, since I can rarely be found with a pen, and even if I have one, I usually loose the paper I've written the information on.

Enter Jott.com; a web-based program that has become a life-saver to me these past four months. Thanks to my dear sister for clueing me in on this!

After signing up for their service online (it's free), you can call Jott anytime and anywhere and leave a message. Jott will then translate the voice message into text, and will e-mail you the reminder, with a link to the actual voice message; it's that easy! You can even Jott other people, if they are also signed up. The best part is that there's no  program you need to download!

This has been so great to have! I have put Jott on my speed dial, and Jott myself and other family members all the time. They have added some features and you can now Jott your Twitter page, Blogger, Wordpress, LiveJournal, etc... They have also added cool things like lists, feeds, and the ability to send voice-to-text-messages.

EDIT: Okay, so I have been informed that Jott has changed their sign-up a little. It used to be 100% free. They now offer two monthly paid plans, and one basic free plan. I'm using the free plan, and don't have any complaints so far!

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  1. have to admit...this sounds great. i can't alive without my centro phone which has my calendar in it. i set up reminders for sometimes days in advance so i can get childcare or remember to do things. i even am so lame that i add errands and bills to my calendar. ooops!

  2. I"m gonna try this THANK YOU!! I'm an idiot. Now, with their help, maybe I can overcome the idiotness.

  3. Linked to you from mommymahem. Gotta try this. Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. Oh clever, I wonder if that'll work from the UK because I am hopeless.


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